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Quality Assurance

Delicious, healthy, crisp, fresh and appetising – what we want is to provide people with good, healthy food. Our produce is produced in organic quality. So it goes without saying that it's free of genetic engineering.It is cultivated without the use of artificial fertilisers and using pesticides permitted in ecological agriculture.

That's why our fruit and vegetables are not only environmentally and climatically friendly, but also as natural as possible.They are rich in healthy ingredients and contain no unnecessary residues.To make sure of this, Naturkost Schramm as a member of the BNN (Federal Association of Organic Processors, Wholesalers and Retailers) regularly conducts fruit and vegetable tests for pesticide residues. Moreover, internal audits are regularly held with growers.

Directly on receipt of produce our quality assurance checks the fruit and vegetables not just for the obligatory organic identification, but also for the characteristics that identify good quality. These include calibration, appearance, taste, smell, ripeness and sometimes also temperature. Moreover the produce is examined for disease and pest infestation.

Transparency in all areas is important to us – which naturally also includes continuous and careful documentation of produce flows, which allows us uninterrupted traceability of our produce.

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