The Joy of Organics:That's How We See It

It's very simple in fact: At Naturkost Schramm we like things healthy and fair.

We set store by the fact that in production and trade through to buying by end consumers the conditions are fair for all those involved and not only ecological but also ethical standards are observed. Social sustainability is the basis for agreeable and stable business relationships.

The principle of concerted cooperation is important to us in all our relationships. That's why we react to the needs and wishes of our customers, suppliers and partners as flexibly as possible and always accommodatingly.

Especially close to our hearts – naturally – is our produce. We're not dealing with just anything, but with fruit and vegetables in organic farming. Fresh organic food, we feel, is an important contribution to a healthy diet and a way of living that does people good. Organic right from the start. We are committed to introducing open-pullulating seed stocks onto the market. In this regard, we support the Organic Seed Stock Initiative, devoted to the goal of enabling – and maintaining – a sustainable development of varieties.

And organics are better for the environment too. An ecological means of production aims not to exploit fertile soil, but to use it with care. Sustainable cultivation means we and our children's children can produce valuable harvests for a long time to come.

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